Family Dentistry Our industry-leading dental services are available to the whole family. From young adults to adults and seniors, we can help everybody improve their oral health. Our Services   Cosmetic Dentistry The team at Cano Dental provide a full range of cosmetic dentistry treatments for our patients to help promote optimum oral health and confidence in your smile. Our Services   Senior Dentistry Dental health is something that you should focus on whatever your age. As you get older, there are treatments that are more likely to be relevant to you. For example, dentures or whitening. Our Services   Orthodontic Work There are two main treatment options for people who are visiting Cano Dental for orthodontic work: Invisalign and traditional brackets braces, learn more about these options. Our Services  

Cano Dental

A Leading Provider of Dental Treatment in the states we are

With locations throughout the USA, Cano Dental has provided thousands of people with the smile that they deserve. By providing the full spectrum of cosmetic and restorative dental treatments, the team at Cano Dental have established themselves as leaders in the field of dentistry.

The team at Cano Dental provide more than just the very best dental procedures. We utilize personal history, present condition, and your long-term dental goals to help create a unique plan of treatment that can help you reach the pinnacle of dental health.

We work with you to answer all of your questions and talk you through every step of your treatment. Working with Cano Dental means that you’ll never be left wondering what’s next and instead will be well aware of when your dream smile will be complete.

What Sets us Apart?

Cano Dental has established itself as a leader in dentistry and has developed a reputation for its impeccable work. Wherever you are near our locations, we have a practice nearby that can help you regain your confidence and improve your dental health. Our team are all highly qualified dentists who have spent many years practicing dentistry. Whichever of our practices you visit, you’re sure to be getting the finest treatment available in that area. But what is it that sets us apart from other dentists in your area, how have we managed to garner a reputation as being a leader in the field?
Our dentists prioritize the well-being of our patients and their unique requirements and goals. Working closely with our team of dental professionals lets our patients receive the highest quality of care available anywhere in the states we are.


The Full Spectrum of Dental Treatment

Our team has the skills and resources available to provide you the fully comprehensive dental care. In each of our locations, we offer procedures and treatments that help you achieve perfect dental health in no time at all.

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We Are at the Pinnacle of Modern Dentistry

The Services We Provide

If you’re in need of dental work in Miami, you know exactly where to come.

Family Dentistry

We can help everybody improve their oral health.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Getting the smile of your dreams has never been easier. 

Senior Dentistry

Dental health is something that you should focus.

Orthodontic Work

Visit Cano Dental for orthodontic work.

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Patient Involvement in Their Treatment

We let our patients take the wheel when it comes to their dental care. Our unique collaborative approach to treatment plans means that our patients feel empowered and able to make informed decisions about their future care with us. Of course, it’s up to us to provide you with accurate evaluations of your dental health, but it’s up to you to make the final decisions that will shape the future of your healthcare.

Choosing a Dentist You Can Trust

Cano Dental has a team of dentists that you can genuinely put your trust in. We are highly qualified, and have decades of combined experience working in the field of dentistry. We know that patient care needs to be provided on a personal level and it’s because of this that we deliver nothing but the best. We know what is best for you and will never suggest that you get unnecessary procedures. Our unwavering code of ethics means that choosing to work with us is the best decision for your dental health and your bank balance. We build patient / dentist relationships that are built on trust and that leave you able to make smart decisions about your oral health. To find out more about scheduling an appointment near your, check out our locations page here.

How We Can Help You

Our team has carefully created environments where you’ll feel totally relaxed with your surroundings and the quality of work you’re about to receive. Whether you’re worried about the treatment itself or about the future of your oral health, we’ll answer any questions you may have and will stop at nothing to help you feel comfortable and confident. From preventative work to cosmetic dentistry, our team will provide you with an experience that you simply won’t find anywhere else. We have offices throughout Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Illinois and California.

Dental treatment can be worrying and expensive, but when you choose to work with us you get the best quality treatment from professionals who understand and can remedy any negative feelings you have surrounding dental work. Over our many years in the field, we’ve seen it all and know exactly how to help. Working with Cano Dental is guaranteed to be unlike any dental treatment you’ve experienced before.

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